How To Adjust To Life In A New City

Relocating to study in a new country is a very exciting thing to do nonetheless has its share of anxieties.
We share some tips on how to stay motivated when the initial excitement wanes off.

Do your homework

There are thousands of information you can find online about any city you are relocating to thanks to Google. We spoke to some international students and got tips that helped them during the first few weeks of arrival.

Here are tips:

  • Attend your university information session
  • Find accomodation close to your institution
  • Know the city transportation
  • Locate a health centre near to your residence
  • Register for a no fees student bank account
  • Sign up for student deals and discounts
  • Look up local stores or restaurants where your kind of food is on the menu till you are comfortable to experiment with new taste.
  • Know your work rights

Belong  Belong  Belong

This might be hard for the shy introverted types but a start will be by sharing a flat with other students. Rent share with class mates or schoolmates makes your interaction a lot more smooth without the awkwardness.

Here are other ways to make good friends

  • If you want friends, you have to be friendly
  • Volunteer in charitable causes
  • Improve your communication skills. You can join clubs like Toastmasters International
  • Join a club in your institution to meet people with common interests
  • Do city tours.
  • Befriend a local. Locals know more about where you are and they can be very helpful with useful information.
  • Be open to new experiences and relax in the flow

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