Smart Travel Tips For International Students


Smart Travel Tips For International Students Climate Change While the science is in about climate change, for those of us headed to new destinations, new seasons and customs might be a great experience, but also means a change in wardrobe and mannerisms. Don’t buy before you arrive! Unless you are flying into a Canadian winter from the equator, try to avoid buying clothes ahead of arrival. There are many options for warm winter jackets that you won’t know exist until after you arrive. There are second hand clothing shops that depending on your budget and personal sense of style [...]

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Australia student visa financial capacity requirements


Student visa financial capacity requirements You need to have enough money that is genuinely available to you to pay for your course fees, travel and living costs for you and your accompanying family members while you are in Australia. You may need to provide specified documentary evidence of your financial capacity with your visa application. You can find out if you are likely to need to provide this evidence by using the Document Checklist Tool. Documentary evidence of financial capacity Where you need to provide evidence of financial capacity, you will be able to demonstrate this by providing one of [...]

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Tips To Ace All Bands In Your IELTS Test


Use These Tips To Ace All Bands In Your IELTS Test On this blog we will show useful tips to help you ace all bands in your IELTS test once and for all. Being a native speaker of the English language does not guarantee a good score in IELTS, unless you are prepared. You would still have to overcome these like anyone else: time, tricks and logical traps. How Much Preparation do you need for IELTS?  Generally  3 hours a day, 4 days a week for 4 weeks should pretty much get you in the flow. The IELTS Bands  The IELTS test [...]

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How To Adjust To New Life In A New City


How To Adjust To Life In A New City Relocating to study in a new country is a very exciting thing to do nonetheless has its share of anxieties. We share some tips on how to stay motivated when the initial excitement wanes off. Do your homework There are thousands of information you can find online about any city you are relocating to thanks to Google. We spoke to some international students and got tips that helped them during the first few weeks of arrival. Here are tips: Attend your university information session Find accomodation close [...]

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