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Student First Approach

Why waste time and money on a degree you won’t need?

Is it relevant? Would it be around for the next 10 years? How does it fit your personal and future goals? what is the job outlook? How effective is the course delivery at the institution?

These and more are the questions we have in mind when helping our students find the best courses and programs at the right institution. As employers place value on what you can do more than what you know, we give preference to course providers with sound industry knowledge and proven record of student employability after graduation

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Bachelor of Creative Arts

The Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Communication Design) is in the study field of Graphic and Design Studies. Graphic and Design Studies is the study of the techniques and skills necessary to design and produce finished work, and solve design and visual communication problems. It includes the study of clothing design and creation.


Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Economics

The Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Economics is in the study fields of Management and Commerce and Economics. Management and Commerce is the study of the theory and practice of planning, directing, organising, motivating and co-ordinating the human and material resources of private and public organisations and institutions. It includes the merchandising and provision of goods and services and personal development.

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