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Skoolmates connects students to higher education opportunities across the world. We match students to  suitable courses and programs available at a wide range of universities and education institutions.


We are passionate about your completion as much as we love your start. Our counsellors are devoted to helping you find your niche in the world by recommending only relevant courses and programs that will position you in line with your career aspirations.

  • Student first – Our students comes first in our priority

  • Global recognition – programs and courses from reputable institutions

  • Career focused – learning that empowers your career aspirations

We have also made it easier for students to practice for their English test online with our IELTS online prep course


Help students access global education and achieve completion in courses and programs best suited to their career aspirations.

Education is only useful if it can be applied to solve problems. Our students are guided to identify challenges they want to tackle and we connect them to the right courses, programs and course providers.

We are committed to a student first approach. We act in the best interest of our students to ensure they get placement only in relevant programs and institutions best suited to their needs, preferences and career aspirations.

Dedicated to helping our students succeed home and abroad

  • Student first
  • Career focused counselling, guidance and recommendation
  • Stay abreast on industry trends, outlook and skill requirements
  • Improving higher education completion rates by matching students to the right courses and institutions

Top Study Destinations

Study in Australia


Study In Australia

Australia is a young, exciting and vibrant country, frequently listed as one of the top 5 places to live in the world. The continents raw, unexplored wildness and the modern-day Australia are well-charted and famously friendly to international students. Higher education in Australia is marked by top quality and an excellent reputation worldwide as well as being among the top 10 investors in scientific research and development in the world

Study in Canada


Study In Canada

Study against a backdrop of breathtaking mountains, hill and rivers in Canada, a country which boasts one of the strongest higher education systems in the world. One of the largest countries in the world, Canada was the first to introduce an official policy of multiculturalism back in the 70s, recognising the value of immigrants and celebrating their diversity to this day. Therefore international students will find themselves welcomed into the country from the moment they take their first breath of brisk Canadian air.

Study in US


Study In The USA

The diversity of cultures and cities in the United States is an invitation to expand your academic horizons. The prospect of this experience and the sheer number of world-class universities and colleges are key factors that make the US the premiere destination for international students from all over the world. The US academic reputation for quality, coupled with the comprehensive curriculum offered at its institutions is valued by students and employers alike.

Study in UK


Study In The UK

A combination of fascinating heritage and cosmopolitan buzz has made the UK one of the most popular destinations for international students. The high standard of education complements a package that promises a rich experience and an excellent opportunity to enhance your career prospects. While the UK is home to some of the world’s oldest and most established universities, it also boasts modern and interactive resources, which welcome around 240,000 international students every year.

Study in New Zealand


Study In New Zealand

Celebrated for its stunning scenery, Maori culture and cosmopolitan cities, New Zealand has never been closer to the rest of the world. International students are able to combine study and travel, exploring the great outdoors of New Zealand. Many of its renowned universities feature in international university rankings like the Times Higher Education Supplement Top 500 and the Shanghai Jiao Tong Top 500.



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